Connecting healthcare.

We are a communication company on a mission to connect healthcare and deliver specialist support for patients in one click.

Whether it’s connecting clinicians to clinicians or patients to specialists, Pando is here for health.

Mobile device with chat elements


One click health.

By providing instant answers to complex clinical questions, we can enhance your healthcare offering simply, effectively and affordably.

We’re clinical.

With over 70,000 users, our messaging service gives clinicians the platform to communicate quickly, safely and collaboratively.

We’re accessible.

We enable organisations of all sizes to put specialist healthcare in the hands of all their customers, employees and patients.


A clinical platform with power.

With one of the largest amount of users of instant messaging in healthcare, Pando has built a hive mind that gets clinicians collaborating all over the UK.

Every doctor who joins increases the variety of expertise available and each question answered improves the quality of our data.


Tap into specialist healthcare.

Pando Access empowers instant access to specialist healthcare, making our vision of ‘one click health’ a reality.

By utilising our clinical expertise and supply chain, we have created a service that’s great for clinicians and even better for patients.