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Pando meets NHS and UK standards for security and Information Governance.

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How Pando works for your organisation.

With Pando, you can enable and empower your staff to communicate better, giving them more time to deliver better, connected care.

Pando eradicates unsafe workarounds and reduces reliance on outdated technology such as bleeps and pagers.

Organisations working with Pando

Pando is trusted by over 25,000 UK healthcare professionals. If we were a hospital, we’d be the biggest in the country.

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Pando connects healthcare workers, so they can find each other easily, and share important information securely.

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Started by doctors, Pando is designed for professionals who need to communicate securely about the people they look after.


Pando is a secure, fit-for-purpose alternative to social messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, which are ubiquitously in use across healthcare organisations.

Patient Flow

Pando saves professionals time, which translates to faster clinical decision making, patient transfers, and fewer delays in investigations and treatments. These benefits are a direct result of more effective teamwork.

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Patient Outcomes

Pando supports gold standard clinical care by instant access to specialist advice and support. This in turn reduces number of referrals and outpatient appointments.

Saves each partner £6.9m

This is the average saving per hospital over a five year period following implementation. Pando has a track record for successful implementation – we take care of launch and troubleshooting.

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Staff Satisfaction

Staff who use Pando report significant increases in workplace satisfaction. Staff value being better connected and able to deliver better patient care.

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