How do I create a team?

You can set up your Pando team in a similar way to sending a new message [👉🏼 click here to learn how to send your first message]

Individuals must be invited to be part of the team and they can remove themselves or anyone in the team can remove them too. This makes it particularly useful for short term and constantly changing teams like ‘on-call’ groups.

From the app home page, follow these steps to create your team:

  1. Click the green + button next to TEAMS
  2. Name your team and click the green + button to add colleagues to it
  3. Click ‘Create’ and write your first message to your new team

If you cannot find your colleague on Pando, it might mean they have not signed up to Pando yet.

Why is it important to update your availability status?

If you want to contact a health professional and you don’t have their personal mobile number or bleep number, you can spend long periods of time on the phone to switchboard trying to find out who to speak to. This can be frustrating and time-wasting.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find who you wanted when you needed them? That’s why you can search the Pando directory by name or specialty. In this way, Pando can reduce reliance on non-urgent bleeps.

If you would like support to implement Pando for a system in your department that currently relies on WhatsApp or a bleep/pager system, then get in touch 👉🏼

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