Can I send photos on Pando?

Yes, you can send photographs on Pando. These photos are taken within the app and none of the photographs you take or send will be stored on your mobile device. There are two ways that you can utilise the photo function on Pando.

How do I send photos within my message stream?

When in a conversation thread with a colleague or a team, you can send a photograph by clicking the green + to the left of the message box and clicking ‘Take a photo’. This photo will not be stored further. This can be useful if you need a rapid clinical opinion: for example wound assessment, or a localised rash.

How do I send photos as part of the patient cards system?

If you look at a patient card, you can store images under ‘Files’ on the patient card. The patient card can be sent to colleagues in a message thread which will include all the patient information, tasks and all photographs taken and attached to the patient card.

From the app homepage, follow these steps to utilise photographs within the patient card functionality:

  1. Click ‘Lists’ on the homepage
  2. Select the patient who the photo relates to
  3. Go to “More Info”, then click “Files”
  4. Click the camera button below
  5. Take a photograph and save
  6. Go to the message thread with the person you want to share the photograph with
  7. Click the + button on the left of the message box
  8. Add the patient and the receiver will be able to view the photograph under files

If you have any problems taking a photograph, check your settings to ensure that you have granted access for Pando to use the camera on your device. If you are having further problems, please get in touch with us either by telephone or email and we can sort this out with you.

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