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Coordinating communication within a healthcare organisation presents a series of unique challenges. Pando is working closely with over 200 NHS organisations and is the only app listed in the COVID-19 section in the NHS Apps Library that is made solely for health and social care professionals.

Migrating to Pando can be done within 72 hours and doesn’t require setup from your side. Speak to our Readiness team today – we are happy to assist!

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  • Share guidance with your entire organisation in realtime.
  • Broadcast critical messages to all staff immediately.
  • Coordinate staff to better manage staff shortage.


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  • Create instant access groups for ID, ITU, A&E and Respiratory specialties.
  • Enable community staff to get advice & guidance.
  • Enable clinicians to up-skill through information sharing.


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  • Manage your hospital remotely with Pando.
  • Access strategy & best practice from UK healthcare team.
  • Enable secure remote communications for community teams.

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How Pando can help your organisation.

Since healthcare organisations worldwide have begun responding to COVID-19, Pando has been used as a secure and efficient way to share critical information about their patients and teams.

We’ve heard many say that disseminating information quickly, and having a point of reference, are key and unmet needs.

Therefore we have built a new feature called Forums.

What is Forums?

Forums are a fixed point of contact for staff at health and social care organisations. The structure is similar to ‘teams,’ as exists in the app at present. The key difference is that staff will be able to search for the forum (e.g. COVID-19 updates) and automatically join – all they have to do is search for the topic they are interested in.

Messages posted before a user joins a forum will not be visible to the new users joining (no historical search and scroll), and the feature will include a reminder that the form is public, to encourage sensible handling of sensitive information. We advise that patient identifiable data is not shared on forums.

Other ways Pando can help

In the past weeks, we have seen some amazing use cases and the team at Pando is very proud to be able to help frontline staff during this time. Our team is here to assist you with setting up and managing teams or creating in-app points of contact.

In addition, we offer:

  • Near real-time push broadcasts across the network – set to a region, organisation or team
  • Live Ask Advice teams for GPs / community staff to get expert COVID-19 advice from ID, ED and ITU teams

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