Pando and DTAC Compliance

The assessment criteria focus on 5 core areas: Clinical safety, data protection, technical assurance, interoperability and usability & accessibility.

By Claire Robinson

NHSX published the Digital Assessment Criteria for health and social care (DTAC), in beta form in October. It forms a baseline assessment for the suitability of digital health technologies for use by the NHS, social care sector, or directly by citizens.

The link is to their blog explaining it is here.

What does this mean for Pando?
This is providing an official name and process for the assessment that the Pando App was subject to earlier this year to support the COVID-19 response. The comprehensive criteria that the Pando App was assessed against remain the same.

The assessment criteria focus on 5 core areas.

Sections 1-4 form the core assessed criteria, with a separate conformity rating and recommendations provided around usability and accessibility:

  1. Clinical safety: assessed to ensure that baseline clinical safety measures are in place and that organisations undertake clinical risk management activities to manage this risk
  2. Data protection: assessed to ensure that data protection and privacy is ‘by design’ and the rights of individuals are protected.
  3. Technical assurance: assessed to ensure that products are secure and stable
  4. Interoperability: assessed to ensure that data is communicated accurately and quickly whilst staying safe and secure
  5. Usability and accessibility: products are allocated a conformity rating having been benchmarked against good practice. Where there are areas for improvement, recommendations will be made if there are areas for improvement.

The future roadmap for App assessment can be found here.

Is the Pando App compliant with DTAC?

Yes! You can rest assured that the Pando App is DTAC compliant because it was certified in early 2020 and is available from the NHS Apps Library for free download.

If you would like to speak to the Pando team, please call +44 (0) 3300 970 165 or email

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